3 stylings for her (hourglass type)

Hello my Dears! More than 1 month Justyna asked me for a help in styling her and finding 3 other outfit looks. We met together and after a long discussion i.e. about her lifestyle and preferences we chose 3 stylizations. It was a very pleasant time we spent and the effects really surprised us!

After a short introduction describing Justyna’s body type and features, I invite you to take a look at the photos revealing our metamorphosis! I hope that you will get inspired and each of you will find something for yourself. Let me know if you like those 3 outfits for different occasions! And now I’m running for more inspirations!


Figure type – hourglass

Justyna has an hourglass shape, a figure that is considered the ideal body type by many women. Her bust and hips are the same size while the waist is narrow. All of these features give a set of sexy and create an ideal women body type.



Beauty color types

There are few beauty color types. I heard even about 12 but for me it is a big exaggeration. These types called as Seasons are enough (plus intuition of course!), because the nature is always right. So-called snow white, with very light complexion (even alabaster), dark hair and brows is qualified to be a winter. And this is how Justyna originally looks. However, since she’s been living in hot countries, her complexion got a delicate brown hue, which is a winter type as well (more about color types in another post).

Winter loves contrasts: blue, gray, pink, emerald, bottled green, lemon, white, black and red. These are perfect colors and indicators as well that help in qualifying to the beauty type. However, intuition is something worth following the most because allows you to break the frame and achieve positive results.


The main assumption to style hourglass figure is to accentuate its beautiful feminine shapes. But honestly, I think this silhouette looks good in many kind of stylizations, which do not have to be ideally tight. However, it is worth noting that V-neck tops and defined waistline would give a flawless to this body shape and make an ideal proportions!


1. In the 1st look we propose you, the main role plays this coral dress. Middle and large breasts look beautiful in V-neck decolletage, that is why we unbottoned top of the dress and created a line which makes neck and shoulders look thinner. Also, we accenturated the waist by knotting it but simple belt would work best. Added skinny 7/8 jeans, high heels and the perfect look for a date is ready!


2. Different shades of beige and grey are the colors of this look. Here you may pay attention to high waist trousers, which enlarge significantly to the bottom. Their lenght is not regular as well but hourglass shaped silhouettes look good in almost every kind of the bottoms. They fit thightly on hips and loosely cover the thinner parts of legs what balance the figure proportions. We also added simple V-neck top which define a slim waist. I really like this look!


3. The 3rd outfit is created by the short, emerald tunic with long fringes on its sides. We wanted to show you how this beautiful color and ethnic patterns match perfectly together and create a beautiful whole with winter’s type of beauty. These suede ancle boots with wider upper, which we used in the previous look give a loose style to the whole stylization, which is perfect for everyday wearing!


Thank you for being here❤️


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