ECOpositive Skin Care [ENG]

Today I would like to invite you to Ecopositive Beauty Salon from Krakow. It is very special place dedicated for those who want to take care of their skin in natural way.
Ecopositive is one of the few places where you can try professional, natural skin care.
At the beginning, we had a long conversation with Cosmetologist about my current skin care and lifestyle. Then we set up a plan of my new skin care which would match ideally to my skin preferences. Huge knowledge about natural ingredients and its influence on our body really impresed me and for those who are very „eco friendly” it would be the icing on the cake!


After my skin analysis I decided on PHYT’s REVIDERM treatment, energising and regenerating care of tired skin.
Important is the fact that PHYT’S REVIDERM was composed as a single set, what makes this care personalised. One set is always dedicated for each person and the ampoules are used only once what ensures the  sterility of the treatment.

The whole treatment consists of 5 steps / ampoules composed for the client’s needs. The first removes the make up and other contamination. The second exfoliate the stratum corneum allowing the skin to receive active ingredients from the serum. Another is the application of two types of serum containing a high concentration of active ingredients. The next step is a massage that stimulates circulation and oxygenating the skin and a mask that completes the entire procedure.


Saline for Oxybrasion


Serum I


The first visit to Ecopositive was enought for me to see and feel that my skin looks much better. The most important for me was my awareness that I receive clean and natural ingredients. My face skin became brighter, soften and calmed down. What is more, the entire ritual was accompanied by beautiful smells which lasted all day! Since then, I am a regular visitor to Ecopositive because I trust there what is provided to my skin. And I do not have to wait long for the wonderful effects!

Thank you Ecopositive and  Agnieszka for a warm welcome and my healthy complexion!





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